Roundup of October Writing Competitions

By on Sep 24, 2015

  October offers a swathe of mixed writing opportunities, from smaller contests run by writing groups to one of the biggest poetry prizes. All are good. I just wish I was prolific enough to enter them each one. But I’m not, so I’ll just have to choose carefully.   Prolitzer Prize for prose writing, 2015 Prole magazine publish a selection of poetry and prose writing with the laudable mission of accessibility for both readers and writers. The annual Prolitzer Prize aims to celebrate this remit. High quality submissions, yes. Literary pompousness, no. Word limit: 2500 Prizes: 1st – £200, two runners-up – £50 Entry fee: £4 Closing date: 1st October 2015 The winner will also be published in the magazine. Runners-up will be published on the website and possibly published in the magazine. The judge will be Jaki McCarrick, award-winning writer of short stories and...


By on Sep 22, 2015

At the age of four I was taught humour by an old, wise man in our village. He’d tell a joke and if I didn’t laugh, he’d beat me until I did.

Galley Beggar Short Story Prize

By on Sep 15, 2015

Galley Beggar Press is a tiny indie imprint that loves to support writers on the fringes. You know, the ones with talent that refuse to write what everyone else is writing. I suspect they will be looking for a bit of that in the submissions for this new annual prize. They run The Singles Club, a subcription service which publishes short stories as small books, so they have a lot of experience in the short story arena. This is an international competition. Word limit: 6000 words Prizes: 1st – £500 Entry fee: £10 Closing date: 15th November The winning writer may opt to take a year’s editorial support from the directors of Galley Beggar Press as an alternative to the cash prize. There will be two rounds of elimination: a long-list announced at the beginning of January and a short-list three weeks later. The winner will be announced mid Feb....

Flash 500 Novel Opening Competition

By on Sep 11, 2015

Flash 500 do run some great competitions throughout the year and this is no exception. Have you got an unfinished, or finished but yet unpublished novel? You do know that the opening pages are the most important bit, the bit that sells it to your readers. Of course you know that. This competition gives you a chance to prove it. Submit your opening chapter and a one-page synopsis of the novel to be in with a chance. This is an international competition. Word limit: first 3000 words plus 1 page synopsis Prizes: 1st – £500, runners up – £200  Entry fee: £10 Closing date: 31st October The competition will be judged by Crooked Cat Publishing. The organisers also offer an optional critique of your entry for £25. This is very good value feedback, especially if you are looking to submit to agents or publishers. http://www.flash500.com/index_files/novel.html Twitter: @lomace Like this:Like...


By on Sep 10, 2015

There is an important difference between being famous and having an audience.

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